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Snowflake 2011
Mano, a sophomore at junior college in Hakodate, still can’t forget her childhood friend Hayato Endo who died in an accident a long time ago. One day Yuma, Hayato’s cousin who is very similar to him, appears in front of Mano. She begins to investigate Hayato’s death, and strange things begin to happen around her one after another. The true reason why Yuma appears is…
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Masaaki Taniguchi
Mirei Kiritani
Haru Aoyama,Shunya Shiraishi,Kenji Ishimaru, other
(C) 2011 Snowflake Production Committee.
Location Map

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Walking route for Snowflake location shoots.
Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
17 minutes by car
Mount Hakodate
16 minutes by car
Hakodate Community Design Center
6 minutes by car
Old Russian Consulate
4 minutes by car
Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery
7 minutes by car
West Pier
Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses Mount Hakodate
The location where Mano was walking happily with her childhood friend Toru while eating soft ice cream at the beginning of the film. The location where Yuma told his illation to Mano about Hayato who was supposed to be dead 10 years ago, with a beautiful night view behind their backs.
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Hakodate Community Design Center Old Russian Consulate
The location where Mano and Toru find a figure look alike Hayato, while they’re eating sweets and talking about after graduation. This place was used by Mano and Hayato to exchange their daily journals secretly. This is also a place where the important clues about Hayato’s whereabouts can be found.
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Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery West Pier
The location where Mano meets Yuma who is very similar to Hayato Endo for the first time while visiting Hayato’s grave. This is a place where the Endo’s family’s car was pulled up from the sea at the beginning of the film. Whether they really committed the suicide or not…
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