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Daimajin, a former masked professional wrestler now peacefully living in an isolated apartment complex, has lived his entire life with the deep regret of not showing his son enough love and affection. Then, one day youth Takuro, who has never trusted anyone since being left by his mother as a child, stumbles upon Daimajin at home. Takuro opens up to Daimajin, as the two strengthen their bond and face reality together with courage like parent and child in their short time together.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Jinsei Tsuji
Antonio Inoki
Eri Ishida, Ryoga Hayashi, Kazuki Kitamura, other
(C) ACACIA Production Committee
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Walking route for ACACIA location shoots.
Mashumaru Aomori-Hakodate Ferry Commemorative Museum
8 minutes by car
Hachimanzaka Slope
20 minutes by car
Hakodate Fort Ruins
15 minute by car
Sumiyoshi Sports Ground
2 minutes by car
Sumiyoshi Fishing Port
10 minutes by car
Omori-hama Beach
Mashumaru Aomori-Hakodate Ferry Commemorative Museum Hachimanzaka Slope
The ferry that Daimajin and Takuro sneak onto at night to play make-believe games where they pretended they were mariners or fighting off sharks. This was also the place where Takuro first played with his father Kido. The street in the scene where Daimajin, Takuro and Yoshiko hold hands like a family as they take Yoshiko back to the hotel.
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Hakodate Fort Ruins Sumiyoshi Sports Ground
Appears in the scene where Daimajin tells Takuro that he is taking him to see aliens. The site where the two wrestle together and watch fireworks light up the night sky. The site where Daimajin and Takuro's father Kido talk. Daimajin puts Kido in a wrestling hold after Kido asks to be taught wrestling.
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Sumiyoshi Fishing Port Omori-hama Beach
The site where a masked Takuro stands up to the classmates that always bully him. This time, Takuro fights back valiantly. The beach where a heartbroken Takuro stands transfixed after Morooka's fall. Daimajin stands silently watching over Takuro.
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