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Little DJ 2007
Taro is a 12-year old boy who likes baseball and the radio. One day he suddenly collapses during a baseball game and is hospitalized at a hospital near the ocean. The moving story tells the tale of how Taro took over as DJ of the hospital PA system providing hope to patients and staff alike with his gentle voice and music, and how he discovered his first love in the process.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Koto Nagata
Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mayuko Fukuda
Ryoko Hirosue, Shigeyuki Sato, Ken Ishiguro, other
[Little DJ]
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Walking route for Little DJ location shoots.
Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery
6 minutes by car
Hachimanzaka Slope
5 minutes by car
Motomachi Water Distribution Plant
4 minutes by car
Hakodate Public Hall
15 minutes by car
Hakodate Fort Ruins
1 hour 27 minutes by car
Hakodate Minamikayabe Hospital
Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery Hachimanzaka Slope
The funeral procession leads up to this cemetery in the funeral scene for the patient who shares a hospital room with Yuki. The avenue where Taro gets off the bus first in the scene where he sneaks out of the hospital with Tamaki to see a movie.
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Motomachi Water Distribution Plant Hakodate Public Hall
The location where Taro and Tamaki walk together after seeing the movie. Also the location where Taro, who lacks the courage to give Tamaki his letter, suggests that they go see stars on Mount Hakodate. Appears in the movie as the movie theater at which Taro and Tamaki watch a movie together. This is where they watch a movie that Tamaki likes.
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Hakodate Fort Ruins Hakodate Minamikayabe Hospital
The location where Taro and Tamaki take shelter from the sudden rain and spend the night in the scene where the two climb Mount Hakodate for star gazing. The hospital where Taro is hospitalized and where he meets Tamaki and a diverse mix of people. This is also where Taro, who enjoys radio, becomes the DJ for the hospital public address system.
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