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When You Wish Upon a Star 2002
Shogo loses his sight and voice in a car accident, but his nurse Kanade gives him the courage to live. The two develop a special relationship that transcends verbal communication, but Shogo tragically dies in a car accident. The power of a shooting star allows Shogo to return as a completely different person for only a few days, resulting in a touching yet sad love story.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Shin Togashi
Yuko Takeuchi, Hisashi Yoshizawa
Riho Makise, Kazuya Takahashi, Jun Kunimura, other
[When You Wish Upon a Star]
(C) Film Partners 2002 When You Wish Upon a Star
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Walking route for When You Wish Upon a Star location shoots.
Niijima Bridge
4 minutes by car
2 minutes by car
Hachimanzaka Slope
12 minutes by car
Omori-hama Beach
18 minutes by car
Mount Hakodate
23 minutes by car
Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery
Niijima Bridge Nishihatoba
The location where Kana invites Shogo to come with her to the United States. Also, Kana jumps into the water from this bridge after looking for Shogo in the final scene of the movie. The location where Kana buys a lottery ticket. This building also appears on the opposite shore lit up at night in the scene where the two talk at Niijimabashi Bridge.
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Hachimanzaka Slope Omori-hama Beach
The avenue along which Shogo walks on his way to the streetcar in the opening scene of the movie. One of the famous avenues appearing frequently in the movie. The beach where Kana, who is devastated by the loss of Shogo, and her former colleague go for a walk, talking about what's happening and the future.
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Mount Hakodate Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery
The nightscape is used as a backdrop for the first and last scenes of the movie where the DJ talks about when you wish upon a star. The location outside the coffee shop where Kana, who just heard about the diary that Shogo left, is told by a friend about her sister's traffic accident.
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Office located in the Hakodate City Hall
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