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Pakodatejin 2001
One morning Hikaru Hino, a high school student living in Hakodate, wakes up to find she has grown a tale. She quickly cancels her first date with classmate Hayato, complicating their relationship. Hikaru's sister makes a fake tale to cheer her up and takes her out around town together, but a reporter captures their photo which leads to a huge commotion in Hakodate. As the tale commotion reaches a fever pitch, another person with a tale, Mr. Yoshida, shows up. As a result, the commotion grows into a full-blown incident that involves the whole of Hakodate.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Tetsuo Shinohara
Aoi Miyazaki
Masato Hagiwara, Yo Oizumi, Miyuki Matuda, other
[Pakodate-jin Special Edition]
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Walking route for Pakodatejin location shoots.
Motomachi Water Distribution Plant
10 minutes by car
Taisho-yu Public Bath
5 minutes by car
Warehouse (Benten-cho)
5 minute by car
Midori-no-Shima (Green Island)
5 minutes by car
15 minutes by car
Iai Girls' Junior and Senior High School's main building
Motomachi Water Distribution Plant Taisho-yu Public Bath
The location where the tales of Hikaru and Hayato form a heart when they are sitting on the bench in the final scene of the movie after the incident has been resolved. The family-run public bath run as well as Hikaru's home. The location that epitomizes Hikaru's wondering heart and the love of her family.
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Warehouse (Benten-cho) Midori-no-Shima (Green Island)
The location where Hikaru, who is down and out because of the tale-bashing, and Hayato take shelter from the rain and hold hands in the scene where the two begin to fall for each other. The location where Hayato takes Hikaru, who is down and out because of the tale-bashing, for a bike ride.
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Nishihatoba Iai Girls' Junior and Senior High School's main building
The location where Hikaru and her sister, wearing a handmade tale, visit to cheer up the depressed Hikaru. Appears in the movie as Hamanasu Gakuen High School where Hikaru and Hayato attend and is the location of the scene where the attitudes of her friends and reporters start to change.
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Office located in the Hakodate City Hall
4-13 Shinonome-cho,Hakodate,Hokkaido,JAPAN
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