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Night at the Worldwind Restaurant 2009
Tsumuji-kaze Shokudo (Whirlwind Restaurant) is the name of a bizarre restaurant on the corner of a Jujigai Road in the nostalgic Tsukifune-Town area. It is here where the nightly dealings of the bizarre crowd that frequent the restaurant meet up with the completely normal me. There was no way that I would relate to them, but my dealings with these bizarre people started anyway. Then, in the process of all the small and pointless occurrences, I begin to find the past me standing face to face with the future me. A sweet story about the whirlwind of people around me.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Tetsuo Shinohara
Norito Yashima, Sarara Tsukifune
Atomu Shimojo, Yoji Tanaka, Suneohair, other
[Night at the Worldwind Restaurant]
(C) Night at the Worldwind Restaurant Production Committee.
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Walking route for Night at the Worldwind Restaurant location shoots.
Old Russian Consulate
4 minutes by car
Cafe JOE
2 minutes by car
Hachimanzaka Slope
1 minute by car
Jujigai Station
3 minutes by car
Hakodate Public Hall
9 minutes by car
Omori-hama Beach
Old Russian Consulate Cafe JOE
The Tsukifune apartment building where main character "I" lives. "I" reads books in the apartment and does a magic trick for Nanatsu on the staircase landing. Shot as the exterior view of the Whirlwind Restaurant. The building provides a nostalgic aura, warmly welcoming the main character "I" and other characters in the movie.
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Hachimanzaka Slope Jujigai Station
The street on the way home from the Whirlwind Restaurant where "I" tries to remember the lines from a school play that "I" wrote. The station where two streetcars pass one another at night in the scene after "I" buys a hat from the hatter that is almost the same as "I"'s father once had.
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Hakodate Public Hall Omori-hama Beach
The building where the magic show is held and site of coffee stand Tabura, where "I"'s father used to take "I" as a child. The beach seen from the window of the Whirlwind Restaurant in the scene where the hatter fades into the distance as he heads for the "far away" place of "Copenhagen."
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