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Watashi Dasu wa 2009
Maya suddenly returns from Tokyo where she built a vast fortune and is reunited with her friends from high school. After hearing of what her former friends are doing now, what they want as well as past dreams and desires, Maya responds by declaring [I'll pay for it] (Watashi Dasu wa) and takes out a huge wad of cash. Her friends, although suspicious at first, take her up on her offer. The story is about the way her friends use the money and how it reflects on their humanity and character, questioning the very heart of people.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Yoshimitsu Morita
Tomoka Kurotani, Eiko Koike, Toru Nakamura, other
[Watashi Dasu wa]
(C) 2009  Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.
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Walking route for Watashi Dasu wa location shoots.
Hakodate Airport
6 minutes by car
Nesaki Park Rugby Stadium
13 minutes by car
Goryokaku Tourist Parking Lot
16 minutes by car
Hokkaido Hakodate Nishi High School
8 minutes by car
Yachigashira Station
3 minutes by car
Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine
Hakodate Airport Nesaki Park Rugby Stadium
Appears in the scene where Michiue is taken to the airport to begin his business trip and journey to see streetcars around the world. After seeing off Michiue, Maya is approached by Mizoguchi. The park where Hori tells Maya that he gave up his research job at the fish breeding test station and found a job with a food manufacturer in Tokyo.
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Goryokaku Tourist Parking Lot Hokkaido Hakodate Nishi High School
The parking lot in the scene where Maya and Saki are reunited by chance. The location where Saki invites Maya to dinner at her restaurant. Appears in the scenes where Maya offers money to her friends and they reminisce about their time together in high school. The school is a place of fond memories for each of the characters.
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Yachigashira Station Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine
The last station of the municipal streetcar when Maya arrives home from Tokyo. Maya speaks to Michiue, a friend from high school, who is working as the streetcar driver. The shrine where Kawakami, who used Maya's money to have leg surgery, is training for the marathon. The location where Kawakami and Maya together reminisce about their time in high school together.
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