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The Light Shines Only There 2014

Tatsuo gave up working after an incident and is idling his life away. One day at a Pachinko parlor, he gets to know a coarse but friendly young man, Takuji, when he gives him a disposable lighter. Tatsuo accepts Takuji’s invitation and follows him to his house, which turns out to be a rundown house that remains all on its own. It is here that Tatsuo meets Takuji’s older sister, Chinatsu. They feel a mutual attraction and become close, but Chinatsu’s life is punishing beyond imagination as she struggles to support her family. Even so, Tatsuo remains steadfast in his love for Chinatsu, and his unwavering feelings begin to sway her. Since finding a connection with Chinatsu’s soul, Tatsuo’s reality quietly begins to regain color and he rediscovers his ambitions in the world which he had almost lost. It is at this time that an incident occurs.

Mipo O
Chizuru IKEWAKI / Masaki SUDA / Kazuya TAKAHASHI
Shohei HINO / Hiroko ISAYAMA / Taijiro TAMURA

[The Light Shines Only There]
© "The Light Shines Only There"production committee

Location Map

Walking route for The Light Shines Only There location shoots.

Anama Beach

This beach was used in several scenes, including the scene where Chinatsu gazes over the ocean after she has been hurt.

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about 14minutes by car.
Yamanoue Daijingu (Shrine)

This location was set as the venue of the summer festival. In the two-day shooting session, over 300 local citizens participated as extras.

Address/15-1 funami-cho, Hakodate-shi
Access/15 minutes by car from JR Hakodate Station
Contact Office/Yamanoue Daijingu +81-138-22-1819

about 7minutes by car.
Jujigai Area

This was the location of the scene where Takuji, having caused "the incident", rides on the back of Tatsuo's bicycle on the way to turn himself in to police.

Address/8 suehiro-cho, Hakodate-shi
Access/5 minutes by car from JR Hakodate Station
Contact Office/Hakodate Film Commission +81-138-21-3326

about 5minutes by car.
Tsugaruya Shokudo

This diner was used in the scene where Tatsuo, Chinatsu, and Takuji have a meal together, as well as the scene where they optimistically raise a toast.

Address/7-6 matsukaze-cho, Hakodate-shi
Access/5 minutes walk from JR Hakodate Station
Contact Office/Tsugaruya Shokudo +81-138-23-4084

about 9minutes by car.
Honcho Area

Lined with pubs and snack bars, this street was used in the scene where Tatsuo staggers drunkenly through the nightlife district.

Address/1 hon-cho, Hakodate-shi
Access/15 minutes by car from JR Hakodate Station
Contact Office/Hakodate Film Commission +81-138-21-3326

about 8minutes by car.
Hakodate Keirin Velodrome (Bicycle Racetrack)

This racetrack was the location of scenes such as Takuji buying the betting tickets, and spectating the race with Nakajima, the landscaping company president.

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