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Kaitanshi Jokei 2010
A brother and sister who lost their parents at a young age and who now live a quiet lifestyle together. An elderly woman who stubbornly will not leave her home, despite facing eviction. A man standing conflicted among a torn family. In the fictional regional city of Kaitan, surrounded on both sides by ocean, the struggles and emotionally complex human dramas of several local residents are followed.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Ryo Kase
Kaoru Kobayashi, Kaho Minami, Mitsuki Tanimura, other
[Kaitanshi Jokei]
(C) 2010 Yasusi Sato / Kaitanshi Jokei Production Committee
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Location Map

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Walking route for Kaitanshi Jokei location shoots.
Hakodate Bicycle Race Track Satellite Matsukaze
3 minutes by car
Hakodate Morning Market
5 minutes by car
Jujigai Station
5 minute by car
Sumiyoshi Fishing Port
5 minutes by car
Hakodate Public Hall
3 minutes by car to Sanroku Station and 3 minutes by ropeway
Mount Hakodate
Hakodate Bicycle Race Track Satellite Matsukaze Hakodate Morning Market
The location where Ryuzo, who sees Haruyo riding in a taxi cab with her customer, calls Haruyo's work to check up on her behavior. Appears in the scene where the men gossip about the strike. This is also the morning market where the elderly woman Toki, who lives alone, sells pickled vegetables from a straw mat.
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Jujigai Station Sumiyoshi Fishing Port
The station where the streetcar stops in the scene when the main characters pass by one another without knowing. Ryuzo and Haruyo as well as Haruo and Akira are riding the streetcar. The scene where Honami comes to pick up Sota who fails to come home after going on New Year's Eve. This is also the fishing port where Sota was making a raft.
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Hakodate Public Hall Mount Hakodate
The location where Honami works as a receptionist for the completion ceremony of the new build ship. She gazes out the window happily at the launch. The location where Honami and Sota visit to watch the first sunrise of the new year. As voices of "happy new year" fly about from other spectators, Sota simply sits in silence staring at the sunrise.
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Office located in the Hakodate City Hall
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