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The Tripple Cross 1992
Shiba is a former gang member living in Hokkaido with his young girlfriend who one day befriends a young man by the name of Tsunomachi. Soon thereafter, Tsunomachi suggests the two steal 200 million yen in cash from an armored truck. Shiba decides to enlist the help of two former buddies Kanzaki and Imura, and gets them to come from Tokyo for the heist. Although it looks like the plan succeeds, the truck is actually carrying only 50 million yen in cash, resulting in a fight amongst thieves. Tsunomachi shoots and kills Imura and seriously wounds Shiba. Kanzaki barely escapes, but goes after Tsunomachi. With a yakuza who lent money to Tsunomachi entering the mix, an intense three-way battle ensues.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Kinji Fukasaku
Kenichi Hagiwara, Kazuya Kimura
Yumi Takigawa, Shinichi Chiba, Keiko Oginome, other
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Walking route for The Tripple Cross location shoots.
Shichizai Bridge
1 minute by car
Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
1 minute by car
California Baby Café
1 minute by car
Hachimanzaka Slope
2 minutes by car
Motoizaka Slope
6 minutes by car to Sanroku Station and 3 minutes by ropeway
Night View from Mount Hakodate
Shichizai Bridge Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
The bridge from the scene where Kadomachi is chased by both police cars and Kanzaki. The bridge was used as a jump, providing for an exhilarating car chase scene. The location where the partners in crime meet, have a shootout and where the car chase passes by at the end of the movie.
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California Baby Café Hachimanzaka Slope
The building where Kadomachi risks everything to open his club for his band to play. The street with perhaps the most memorable car chase scene in the movie where a large number of police cars pursue a fleeing Kadomachi.
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Motoizaka Slope Night View from Mount Hakodate
The street that appears in the panoramic shot of the city when Kanzaki and Imura first arrive in Hakodate, providing an excellent backdrop of the city. The nightscape that appears in the panoramic shot of the city when Kanzaki and Imura first arrive in Hakodate, providing an excellent backdrop of the city.
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