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The Rambling Guitarist 1959
Rambling guitarist Shinji Taki strolls into Hakodate with guitar on his back. His skills land him a job with a big wig local land owner, but he is nearly killed aboard a boat after an illegal import deal goes array at sea. The result is action entertainment reminiscent of a Western movie, with songs, anger filled fist-fights and gun battles.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Buichi Saito
Akira Kobayashi
Ruriko Asaoka, Sanae Nakahara, Jo Shishido, Other
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Distributed and Manufactured by : Nikkatsu Corporation
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Walking route for The Rambling Guitarist location shoots.
Port of Hakodate
12 minutes by car
Shichizai Bridge
3 minutes by car
Old Hakodate Public Hall
3 minutes by car
Hakodate Community Design Center
1 minute by car
Mount Hakodate Ropeway
3 minutes by ropeway
Mount Hakodate
Port of Hakodate Shichizai Bridge
The location where Yuki and others send off Shinji and where Yuki stands gazing out at Shinji as he leaves Hakodate by ship. The location where Shinji, who happens to be passing by, buys a new balloon for the little kid who loses grip on his balloons after tripping.
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Old Hakodate Public Hall Hakodate Community Design Center
The location where Yuki introduces Shinji to her father Reizaburo and where Shinji talks to detective Numata after deciding to leave Hakodate. The building used as Akitsugumi office and the location where Sabu stands in for Genji to demand that Shinji leave.
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Mount Hakodate Ropeway Mount Hakodate
Appears in the scene where Yuki invites Shinji shopping and the two end up going to Mount Hakodate together. Shinji talks about his previous love inside the gondola. The scenic lookout Shinji and Yuki visit, and the location where Shinji tells Yuki, who is falling for him, about his previous girlfriend who died two years prior.
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Office located in the Hakodate City Hall
4-13 Shinonome-cho,Hakodate,Hokkaido,JAPAN
TEL/+81-138-21-3326 FAX/+81-138-21-3324
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