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【Management number:a0701】
Usujiri Fishing Port
Area:Other Areas in Hakodate

Usujiri Fishing Port, facing Volcano Bay (Uchiura Bay) and the Pacific Ocean and backed by mountains as well as beautiful natural environment, is located in the former Minamikayabe Town. During the Edo Period (1603-1868) the port was known as a natural deepwater port. At the time the Port of Hakodate first opened, Usujiri was frequented by numerous ships that loaded the area\'s marine fisheries products, including kelp. Even today, a variety of fish and crustaceans are caught in surrounding waters and processed at the fishing port year round. Every year at the start of summer the port plays host to the Hirome-bune Festival celebrating the bounty of the sea.
◆Basic Information

Usujiri-cho, Hakodate-shi
60 minutes by car from JR Hakodate Station

◆location-related information

●Authorized Filming Dates & Times
Required advance contact
●Contact Office
Mr.Asano, Department of Fishing Ports and Communities, Fisheries Division, Oshima General Subprefectural Bureau.
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