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10 Promises to My Dog 2008
One day a puppy shows up at the family home of Akari, a 14-year old girl living in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Strangely, only one of the golden retriever puppy's paws is white, as if it were wearing a sock. Akari soon decides to name the dog Socks. Akari, elated from having a pet dog, is told by her mother that she must make 10 promises to Socks. From the instant Akari makes these promises, Akari and Socks both begin their journey into adulthood. Socks is always there to cheer Akari up through the preceding trials, tribulation and sadness of life.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Katsuhide Motoki
Rena Tanaka, Ryo Kase
Chizuru Ikewaki, Mayuko Fukuda, Etsushi Toyokawa, other
[10 Promises to My Dog Premium Edition (2 disc set)]
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Walking route for 10 Promises to My Dog location shoots.
Hakodate Station
5 minutes by car
Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
5 minutes by car
Mount Hakodate Ropeway
5 minutes by car
Yachigashira Station
5 minutes by car
Omori-hama Beach
20 minutes by car
Goryokaku Park
Hakodate Station Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
The location where Socks and her father Yuichi see off Akari to the zoo in Asahikawa after she decides to leave Hakodate for work following her college graduation. The location of Akari's college graduation thank-you party and where Akari and Yuko talk on the deck facing the canal.
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Mount Hakodate Ropeway Yachigashira Station
The ropeway appearing in the scene where Akari overlooks Hakodate from the gondola. The scenery forms the backdrop to the title at the start of the movie. The station where Akari gets on the train after dropping off Socks to Susumu because she has to move as the result of her father's transfer to Sapporo.
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Omori-hama Beach Goryokaku Park
The location appearing frequently in the movie as the area where Akari walks Socks and where Yuichi takes rest stops on his walks. The location where Akari and Yuko take their dogs Socks and Jiro for a walk. In the movie, Akari and Yuko walk under a tunnel of cherry trees in full bloom.
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