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Kitchen 1989
Mikage is a young girl who loves the kitchen but ends up all alone after the death of both her parents and grandparents. She accepts an invitation from Yuichi, an acquaintance of her deceased grandmother, to live together in his condo. The result is a story about the rebirth of the heart and communication that takes place during Mikage's peculiar lifestyle with Yuiichi and his mother (really his father) Eriko.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Yoshimitsu Morita
Ayako Kawahara
Keiji Matsuda, Isao Hashizume, Yoshizumi Konobori, other
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Walking route for Kitchen location shoots.
Hakodate Dock Mae Station
5 minutes by car
Motoizaka Slope
1 minute by car
Motomachi Park
5 minutes by car
BAY Hakodate
6 minutes by car
Aoyagi-cho Station
2 minutes by car
Yachigashira Station
Hakodate Dock Mae Station Motoizaka Slope
Appears in the movie as Kita Koen-mae station. The station where Mikage gets off the train on her way to visit Yuichi's house. The avenue that leads to Motomachi Park, which appears in the movie as Kita Park. Also, the avenue that appears as a backdrop whenever Mikage visits the park.
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Motomachi Park BAY Hakodate
Appears in the movie as Kita Park. The location where Mikage calls Yuichi from a public pay phone. The location where Mikage declares to Yuichi she will not go to Europe in the scene where the two are locked in close discussion.
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Aoyagi-cho Station Yachigashira Station
The car passes through this station area in the scene where Yuichi drives Mikage home and the scene where they transport her belongings by car. Appears in the movie as Kazemachi station. The location where a train is stopped in the opening shot of city.
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