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Izakaya Choji 1983
Eiji, also known as Choji, quits the shipyard to start Izakaya [Bar] Choji with his wife Shigeko on the outskirts of Hakodate. Eiji once had a girlfriend by the name of Sayo, but she is supposed to be happily married to a pasture owner in the countryside. Then, suddenly one day Sayo shows up at Choji before opening. Sayo is still in love with Eiji. The story expressively portrays the lives of random Choji customers and the daily interaction between Eiji and Shigeko, while also focusing on the feelings between Eiji and his past girlfriend Sayo.
Leading Actor
Main Cast
Yasuo Kohata
Ken Takakura, Tokiko Kato
Reiko Ohara, Kunie Tanaka, Juzo Itami, other
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Distributed and Manufactured by : Toho
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Walking route for Izakaya Choji location shoots.
Hakodate Municipal Crematorium
10 minutes by car
Hakodate Seaside Marine Institute
5 minutes by car
Chacha-nobori Slope
5 minutes by car
Red Brick Warehouses
1 minutes by car
Shichizai Bridge
5 minutes by car
Hakodate Morning Market
Road to Hakodate Municipal Crematorium Hakodate Seaside Marine Institute
The crematorium to which the youth group carries Sayo's casket. Eiji and the others also climb the steep avenue leading up to the crematorium. Appears in the movie as a police station. The location where Kyutaro files a missing person report for Sayo and where Eiji is detained for punching Kawahara.
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Chacha-nobori Slope Red Brick Warehouses
Appears in the scene where Eiji chases after a young Kiriyama who injured his shoulder, and the location overlooking the city where Eiji talks about how he gave up baseball because he, too, injured his shoulder. The location of Eiji's bar Izakaya Choji where Sayo visits in the rain after running away and where Eiji punches Kawahara.
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Shichizai Bridge Hakodate Morning Market
The location where a soaked Sayo is crying hiding next to the bridge in the scene where Eiji looks for the missing Sayo in the rain. The market Eiji and his wife Shigeko visit to buy food for the bar and the location where Sayo sees Eiji but does not have the courage to talk to him.
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Office located in the Hakodate City Hall
4-13 Shinonome-cho,Hakodate,Hokkaido,JAPAN
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